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RAININ specialise in pipettes which include  manual single channel, multi-channel, positive displacement electronic pipettes. They also manufacture single channel and multi-channel repeating dispensers, bottle-top dipensers and pipette controllers.

Pipetting 360 Top Products, Top Service, Top Performance RAININ is the leading provider of advanced liquid handling solutions for scientists worldwide. Our unique Pipetting 360 approach enhances the performance of laboratories by improving experiment accuracy and repeatability through innovative pipettes, tips, and service programs. Top Precision. Top Ergonomics RAININ pipettes enhance lab performance and help reduce time-to-market by guaranteeing highest accuracy and repeatability. Innovative ergonomic designs, including the patented LTS LiteTouch-System, minimize fatigue and injuries, hence reducing operator errors and inaccuracies. High quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure that RAININ provides durable and reliable pipettes that greatly diminish mechanical drift. The wide selection of pipetting options further enables scientists to always use the optimal application-specific instrument. RAININs Ergonomic Handle Design Consistently great handling The ergonomically formed handle with convenient finger-hook ensures an effortless grip on the pipette. It feels good and only requires a light grip hold the pipette firmly for precise operation. Thanks to the finger-hook, the hand can rest between each pipetting cycle. With the symmetrical design, you can switch hands occasionally to further reduce stress on long pipetting days. RAININs LTS LiteTouchSystem reducing tip ejection forces by 85% The LTS system is the biggest innovation in ergonomic pipetting today. While traditional, conical tip and shaft designs with large sealing areas require high forces for tips to be mounted (incl. jamming and rocking) and ejected, the revolutionary LTS-System features a cylindrical tip and shaft design that reduces these forces by 85%. By hereby eliminating the biggest cause of pipetting forces, RAININ LTS greatly reduces hand-fatigue and injuries, such as RSIs, commonly associated with pipetting. RAININs Magnetic assist Reducing plunging forces by 25% A magnet assists the thumb to feel and hold the piston at the zero position. The magnetic assist reduces the need for a large differential between the aspiration and blowout springs. Therefore both springs can be significantly lighter, resulting in 25% lower plunging forces. Not only that, magnetic assist improves accuracy and reproducibility by providing a secure and positive feel at the zero position, ensuring that the proper amount of sample is aspirated every time. Silicone Shock Absorber- Smooth tip ejection Rainins silicone shock absorber in the tip ejector greatly reduces impact forces when ejecting tips. It gives extra protection for the thumb and providesa smooth and easy tip ejection. RAININs Hand-friendly Pipettes Manual Pipettes single channel, multi-channel, positive displacement Electronic Pipettes single channel, multi-channel Repeating dispensers, Bottle-top dipensers,Pipette Controller

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Showing 1 - 10 of 76 items