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  • Superb cleaning results are achieved using special baskets and inserts. The upper and lower stainless steel baskets can be fitted with a wide range of inserts to suit individual wash requirements. See brochure below for detailed information.

  • The new Miele model PG8504 has just been released into the Australian market to replace the most popular G7804 model. It can accommodate a variety of baskets and inserts specifically designed for laboratory glassware.

  • NEW Miele model PG8583 is the industry standard glassware washer designed to handle the vast majority of glassware cleaning applications with simplicity yet flexibility. It can be under-bench mounted to save space.

  • NEW PG8593 Compact Washer with Integrated Forced-Air DryingAlways an innovator in glassware reprocessing, Miele is the first manufacturer to develop a 24″ wide glassware washer that incorporates true HEPA-filtered forced-air drying.

  • The Miele model G8080 dishwasher is a robust machine to cope with regular loads of dirty crockery from tasting rooms, office kitchens and recreation rooms in wineries, small businesses, legal practices, community centres, etc.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items