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  • Heat sealing is a highly effective method for sealing assay plates, storage plates and PCR plates. The tabletop Axygen PlateMax offers an easy-to-use system, in a compact design, for sealing individual plates and seals. The intuitive control system allows accurate setting of sealing temperature and sealing time for optimal results.

  • Finneran Porvair Sciences is pleased to introduce the UltraSeal Pro – a fully automated heat-sealing instrument designed to efficiently seal a wide range of samples in microplates and tubes.

  • Matcappers for Friction Seals MiniSealTM II Semi-Automatic Plate Sealer Color-coded Th ermal Seals - Aluminum Foil Color-coded Th ermal Seals - Clear Polyester

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items