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  • The Intelli-Mixer RM-2 is a unique hybrid device, being a variable-speed rotator, multi-tube lab mixer and high-speed vortex, all in one! Designed to handle each and every type of test tube mixing with brilliant efficency! The Itlelli-Mixer RM-2 efficently processes samll 0.5 ml testubes and runs 50 nl tubes for Blotting and can vortex 42 eppendorf tubes...

  • Features & Benefits Gentle but effective mix For samples up to 50mL Digital control for accuracy End over end design Wide variety of attachments available

  • Features: Small footprint, “Plug and Play” operation; Includes five different interchangeable rotisseries; Rotation direction can be changed by slightly touching the rotisseries; Paddle angle is adjustable for different mixing purposes; High quality, maintenance-free motor with quiet operation.

  • The RM4 Rotary Mixer is very much an all-rounder, with near endless potential for different applications. Perfect for mixing larger laboratory bottles and flasks right though to wine and food products, the RM4 has made a home in a wide range of industries. Available with or without an inter-locked safety enclosure, the RM4 is easily customised to suit...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items