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  • With load capacities from 35 to 150 lb and over 70 accessory options, OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers are designed to handle a range of applications. Available as analog or digital models with microprocessor control. Microprocessor displays the last set-point and will restart if power is interrupted. Built-in tray and non-slip rubber mat included with all...

  • Incubating Cooling Thermal Shakers Clck For Video Incubating Light Duty Orbital Shakers Incubating Rocking & Waving Shakers

  • Light Duty Shakers are designed for applications with loads under 8 lb. Choose from two orbits and speed ranges to optimize your sample mix.

  • Ratek offers a range of orbital shakers.  Thier applications include general mixing, cell culturing, solubility studies, diagnostic testing, bacterial suspensions, extraction procedures, staining/destaining, washing procedures as well as many other biological and chemical tasks. 

  • Ratek's heavy duty orbital shakers are within a temperature controlled cabinet designed to run for extended periods. An adjustable counter-weight system gives stable mixing with even the heaviest loads whilst the door features a large viewing panel for full visibility of the shaking platform and containers at all times.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items