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  • Plate Thermo–Shakers are designed for shaking and thermostating 1 – 4 standard 96 well microplates. A multisystem principle, used in design of the Thermo Shaker, allows operating it as 3 independent devices:• Incubator.• Microplate shaker.• Thermo–Shaker.

  • Biosans PST-60HL, PST-60HL-4 and PST-100HL Plate Thermo-Shakers Plate Thermo-Shakers are designed for shaking and thermostating 1 - 4 standard 96-well microplates.

  • The Intelli-Mixer RM-2 is a unique hybrid device, being a variable-speed rotator, multi-tube lab mixer and high-speed vortex, all in one! Designed to handle each and every type of test tube mixing with brilliant efficency! The Itlelli-Mixer RM-2 efficently processes samll 0.5 ml testubes and runs 50 nl tubes for Blotting and can vortex 42 eppendorf tubes...

  • Incubating Cooling Thermal Shakers Clck For Video Incubating Light Duty Orbital Shakers Incubating Rocking & Waving Shakers

  • The MPS1 is a compact personal plate shaker that will hold up to 4 x 96 well plates whilst delivering a smooth repeatable speed control.Loading of plates is as simple as dropping them on the non-slip mat under the retaining spring, and you’re ready to shake.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items