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  • Control Company offer ISO 17025 Accredited (A2LA)-NATA recognised, ISO 9001 Quality-certified (DNV) Digital thermometers of all styles and ranges, standard accuracy, high accuracy, wide range long stem, pocket, key chain, max-min, food, refrigerator/freezer thermocouple, platinum, infra-red printing, data-logging in combination with timers. (Note: Please...

  • Digital max min indoor outdoor thermometer with white moulded case and two displays for outdoor and indoor temperature, each display has a maximum and minimum recording facility and can be displayed in °C or °F. This max/min thermometer comes complete with stand and 2.5m cable for the outdoor stainless steel probe and batteries are included.

  • These non-contact infrared thermometers are perfect for family use. Especially in this special COVID-19 period, it is imperative to know how high the heat is as it may warrant a visit to the doctor!

  • State-of-the-art aerospace technology delivers high platinum performance

  • Captures temperature data with high-efficiency wireless technology

  • WiFi Ultra Low Datalogging Monitoring Thermometer with Remote Notification. Supplied with two stainless steel probes. Requires TraceableLIVE® Subscription

  • Computer output allows thermometer to be connected to computer/data logger to capture and store data.

  • Amazing data keeper records two probe readings and difference between them.

  • Handy telescopic probe—expandable from 9½" to three feet—is ideal for hard-to-reach areas No-moving-parts anemometer eliminates friction errors—perfect for any environmental test Output capability allows unit to be connected to a computer or data logger to monitor/store results

  • WiFi Datalogging LN2 Monitoring Thermometer with Remote Notification. Wireless Digital Datalogger Thermometer connects easily to wifi and provides continuous data transmission to the cloud-based interface. Specifications: Temperature Range:-200˚C to 105˚C Temperature Resolution: 0.01°C Temperature Accuracy:±0.25°C Cable Length: 10 feet Calibration...

Showing 1 - 10 of 54 items