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  • A hydrometer is an instrument which is  used for testing the density of a liquid in relation to water. This means that a hydrometer can be used in many different sectors and industries as well as being a popular instrument that can be used in the home. SPECIFIC GRAVITY WINE,BEER MAKING BATTERY,FOR CHECKING CHARGE,WITH BULB BRINOMETER ALCOHOLOMETER...

  • Adelab distributes Carlton Glass precision hydrometers suitable fro may applications and industries. Alcoholometers to AS2371 Brix Hydrometers Baume Hydrometers Density Hydrometers for Petroleum. Plato Hydrometers Accessories (Note: Please provide cat# from brochure below when requesting a quote)

  • Bluetooth Hygrometer Datalogger fills in the unknowns between destinations Critical Information(Humidity and Temperature, Trip Duration, MIN/MAX, Battery Level and Alarms)  all displayed on LCD at all times Compatible with TraceableGO or TraceableLIVE Mobile Apps Simple, Single Button Use

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items