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  • For pH, ORP and Conductivity

  • Apera Instruments LabSen® Professional pH Electrodes are backed by proprietary sensor technologies and components from Switzerland, designed for a wide variety of applications in scientific research and product quality control with more than 30 models.

  • Horiba  announces the official launch of the New Combination ToupH pH Electrodes. There are a total of 5 new models which are ideal for measuring pH in various applications.

  • Ionode Electrodes are all-purpose sensors with super long life, heavy duty performance, renewable junction and simple cleaning. Recommended for virtually any application.

  • INGOLD has been producing electrodes since 1948, a name that has been synonymous with the success of combined pH electrodes ever since. In 1986 INGOLD joined the METTLER TOLEDO group. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when requesting a quote)

  • Microelectrodes, Inc. fabricate unique, reliable microelectrodes for pH, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Ions. Thier products are used by students and scientists worldwide.

  • OHAUS now offers our expertise in measurement in a line of electrochemistry products. The Starter Series includes pH, reference, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) electrodes, as well as conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature probes that can be used in conjunction with our bench and portable meters. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when...

  • Sensorex high quality general purpose pH probes will provide excellent performance at a price that offers superior value.

  • Durable and low maintenance Direct fit replacement for S200C model sensors Accurate measurements across the full pH scale (0-14) Instantly ready for use straight out of the box Compatible with any meter accepting a BNC connector

Showing 1 - 10 of 11 items