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  • Suitable for Corbett Xtractorgene

  • Axygen Breathable Sealing Film (50µm thick) for Tissue Culture Plates, Deep Well Plates, 96 well plates for cell growth, Pre-Sterilized.  (2 bags of 25 films/pack). Allows effective gas exchange for cellular and bacterial cultivation while preventing contamination. Seal polypropylene and polystyrene culture plates, 96 well and 384 microplates, and other...

  • A 38µm soft non-permeable aluminum foil sealing film with strong medical grade adhesive, AlumaSeal II™ sealing films eliminate the need for heat-sealing devices or mats during thermal cycling.  Compared to other aluminum foils, AlumaSeal II™ has less tendency to roll back on itself when removing the backing paper and conforms well to the plate during...

  • Porvair Sciences has a selection of 384-well polypropylene plates to suit most applications. All of them are made from pre-tested polypropylene in Class 100000 clean rooms.

  • Friction Seals (CapMats) 96 Round Well 96 Square Well Pre-Slit Caps Piercable Sealing Caps EVA Sealing strips

  • Color-coded Thermal Seals - Aluminum Foil Color-coded Thermal Seals - Clear Polyester For 96-Well Microplates For PCR and Cold Storage For Cell and Tissue Culture, ELISA, EIA, and Similar Assays

  • 96-Well Square 96-Well Round 384-Well Storage Plate Applications: - Mass Spec - HPLC - Drug Metabolism - Toxicology - Pre-clinical and Clinical - High Throughput Screening - Combinatorial Chemistry - Drug Discovery - Medicinal Chemistry - Biochemistry - Sample Storage

  • Porvair Sciences has developed a number of storage/collection plates to help in the fields of cell biology, molecular biology, drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, screening and genomics. The plates are manufactured under clean room conditions and a significant number are DNase/RNase free. They are mainly made from polypropylene, an inert material...

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items