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  • Overview: Axygen® Automation-compatible PCR Microplate 96-well PCR Microplates and Sealing Mats 384-well PCR Microplates and Sealing Mats 24-32 & 48-well PCR Plates Capillary Sequencing Products PCR Tubes PCR Strip Tubes and Caps PCR Plate Compatibility Chart Sealing Mats Sealing Films

  • Uniformly applied adhesive provides a tight seal on multiple well plates under a wide range of temperature conditions and reagents. Seals during thermocycling process when used in conjunction with Axygen compression mats Ideal for light sensitive samples. PCR-AS-200 is pierceable. Temp range: -80 to 104oC.

  • Polyester based with uniformly applied acrylic adhesive reduces the edge effect in sensitive ELISA assays. Suitable for use on tissue culture plates, for short term storage and incubation, for transport and for the containment of bio-hazardous solutions. Dimensions: 146mm x 79.6mm. Temp range: -40 to 104oC, pkt/100.

  • Tight seal across entire plate safeguards sample during transport or storage. Reduces well to well contamination and cross-over in PCR applications when used with Axygen compression mats. Dimensions 135.5mm x 80mm. Temp range, -40 to 104oC, pkt/100.

  • Seals 96 well and 384 well PCR plates. Film clarity allows for optical analysis during Real Time PCR. Pressure sensitive adhesive; no tacky residues that can interfere with optical analysis. Dimensions: 141.5mm x 77.7mm.

  • Certified For ScienceTM 96 Well Pattern Blue PTFE Sealing Film 96 Well Adhesive Free Zone Sealing Film EZ Pierce™ Sealing Films AlumaSeal 96™ Sealing Films AbsorbMax™ Sealing Films for Fluorescence and Photoprotection BrightMax™ Sealing Films for Luminescence and Microscopy X-Pierce™ Precut Pierceable Sealing Films for Automation Sealing Film for HPLC and...

  • A 38µm soft non-permeable aluminum foil sealing film with strong medical grade adhesive, AlumaSeal II™ sealing films eliminate the need for heat-sealing devices or mats during thermal cycling.  Compared to other aluminum foils, AlumaSeal II™ has less tendency to roll back on itself when removing the backing paper and conforms well to the plate during...

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items