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Biosan manufactures and supplies devices for mixing, centrifugation, incubation, cultivation, PCR cabinets for working with DNA/RNA molecules, devices, ensuring biosafety of laboratory staff, as well as the analytical equipment for DNA analysis, immunochemical analysis and cell biology.

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  • "Sunflower" 3D Mini–Shaker provides adjustable three-dimensional smooth rotation of the platform. The platform is suitable for placing a versatile dimpled PDM mat for different size tubes.The Mini–Shaker is a compact device with low energy consumption. Non–slip rubber mat (supplied with product) on the shaker platform provides stable position for vessels...

  • Biosan Inteliwasher 3D-IW8 series microplate washer is designed for washing various types of standard 96-well microtitre plates, microstrips as well as microarrays on FastFRAME (rectangular well shape).

  • Biosans UVR-M and UVR-Mi are applicable for UV air inactivationin research laboratory rooms, waiting rooms in outpatients departments, surgeries and veterinary stations.

  • The ALA-1/4 is a multi channel rotor type fluorescence detector that allows detection of the fluorophores lights emission in the reaction mixes with a closed-tube method immediately after PCR.

  • Bio TDB-100 is a compact easy–to–use dry block thermostat designed for long incubation processes at various temperatures. The universal aluminium block can accommodate 3 most popular microtest tubes' types. Simultaneous indication of set and actual temperature and time.

  • The CH-100 Heating/Cooling Dry Block is the result of combining two popular Biosan instruments, the Heating Dry Block and the Cooling Dry Block Thermostat. The combined construction of aluminium block and Peltier element module cooled with the forced ventilation radiator provides fast changing of the cooling and heating modes.

  • Heating and cooling thermostat, Combitherm-2 Combitherm-2 CH 3-150 is specially designed to thermostabilise materials at temperatures from -3C to +150C according to methods of analysis.

  • DB-10C Dry block thermostat is designed for sample thermostating in cuvettes before optical density measurements. Together with any photometer DB-10C is the basic set for conducting biochemical indicators diagnostics methods (enzyme reaction intensity and metabolite concentration).

  • Thermostat DB-4S is designed for maintaining constant temperature of samples in tubes inserted in the aluminium block sockets. Unprecedented high precision and uniformity of temperature over the block. DB-4S is widely used for PCR–analysis. Microprocessor controlled temperature and time. Simultaneous indication of set and actual temperature and time.

  • Biosan offers densitometers that are designed for measurement of cell suspension's turbidity in two ranges: DEN-1: 0.3–5.0 McFarland units (100 × 106–150 × 107 cells/ml); DEN-1B: 0.0–6.0 McFarland units (0–180 × 107 cells/ml);

Showing 1 - 10 of 31 items