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Glasschem Water Still, Cabinet Style, 4L/hr water production

$1,500 Ex-GST, Normally $2,500 Ex-GST, "Only One Left at this Price* Read more...

Finneran 2018 New Products

2.0mL Clear R.A.M. Vials, 9mm R.A.M.™ Ribbed White Cap, silicon/PTFE, 9mm R.A.M.™ Cap, PTFE Lined with Slit, Green Ribbed Th ermoset Solid Top Cap, PTFE/F217 Lined, XTR Foil Films for PCR, Long-Term Compound Storage, Assays, & Robotics, DMSO Resistant, Pierceable, eXTReme Sealing Films for PCR and Cold Storage, Pierceable. Read more...

New Product - Accumax Large Disposable Centrifuge Tubes!

Accumax Large Disposable Centrifuge Tubes, 15mL, 50mL, 50ml Self Standing, High speed. See brochure for pricing. Read more...
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