New products

Adelab Celebrates 33 Year Anniversary!

Adelab Scientific is 33 years old. We are proud to have supported the science community across Australia, although principally in South Australia, with quality products that have contributed to their research and on-going development. We are grateful for the support we have enjoyed from our many customers and look forward to continuing to work with you all in the future. Read more...

Finneran 2018 New Products

2.0mL Clear R.A.M. Vials, 9mm R.A.M.™ Ribbed White Cap, silicon/PTFE, 9mm R.A.M.™ Cap, PTFE Lined with Slit, Green Ribbed Th ermoset Solid Top Cap, PTFE/F217 Lined, XTR Foil Films for PCR, Long-Term Compound Storage, Assays, & Robotics, DMSO Resistant, Pierceable, eXTReme Sealing Films for PCR and Cold Storage, Pierceable. Read more...

Miele Professional release new Laboratory Glassware washers

MIELE Professional have released new models of their laboratory glassware washers. ◾The NEW model PG8504 replaces the G7804. ◾The NEW premium models PG8583 and PG8583CD replace the G7883 and G7883CD. ◾The NEW premium model PG8593 with integrated drying has replaced the G7893. Read more...