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  • Features:• Powerful motor with a fast cycle• Long lasting battery with Lithium Ion technology• Advanced charging system including warning light when recharging is necessary• Can be operated while charging• Convenient controls on top of unit to adjust crimp• Optional base and mounting kit (5ABAS0)

  • Finneran Crimpers and Decappers are designed, and manufactured using quality materials, and fi nishing techniques to provide a consistent and dependable seal while maintaining their durability, and long life.

  • Pneumatic Crimping Tools enable handheld semi-automatic crimping and decapping of vials and bottles with less effort.

  • Wheaton Crimping Tool is designed with inter-changeable jaws, so that you only need one tool and purchase the  size crimper and decappers needed for your laboratory. The jaw sets are available as crimper and decappers which fit standard lab vials seals with aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps. This crimping tool has the ability to store separate...

  • E-Z Crimper™ E-Z Decapper™ Crimper / Decapper Plier Decapper

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items