Vilber Gel Documentation Systems

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Vilber are the leading European provider of molecular imaging systems, analysis software and UV Flourescence equipment.

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The Vilber gel gocumentation range includes:

The INFINITY ST5 is the ultimate gel-doc system with extendable capabilities. The system can grow according to your laboratory needs, from fluorescence to chemiluminescence Western Blot applications. The INFINITY ST5 is ideal for publication, quantification and documentation grade imaging.

The BIO-PRINT TX4 combines technology with simplicity - advanced technologies inside and outstanding ease of use outside. The Bio-Print is the ideal system for publication, quantification and documentation grade imaging. The compact design with its small footprint, is ideal for laboratories with space constraints.

The E-BOX CX5 is the ideal stand-alone imaging system for your gel documentation. It offers the best sensitivity and speed, and reaches the lowest limits of detection for your DNA, RNA and protein applications.

The DOC-PRINT VX5 is a stand-alone imaging system dedicated to basic gel documentation. By the push of only one button, high-resolution images of DNA, RNA or protein gels are created within a few seconds. The images can either be printed out directly or saved in the internal storage.

The QUANTUM ST5 is the laboratory standard for DNA and protein gel imaging. The system is based on an advanced set of performance ideal to achieve high fidelity and quantitative scientific measurement. Its excellent imaging properties guarantee the best performance for nucleic acid and protein samples.