Rainin Smart Pipette Stand & SmartStand Starter Pipette Kits

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Rainin SmartStand

SmartStand is an intelligent, easy-to-use pipette asset management system for busy labs and lab managers who want to:
• Reduce out-of-service/specification-related costs
• Proactively manage compliance
• Save time on recordkeeping and reporting

By reading the RFID chip that’s in every Rainin XLS and XLS+ brand pipette, SmartStand instantly displays the compliance status for up to four pipettes – manual or electronic.

Pick up a pipette and SmartStand’s color LCD screen switches to a detailed view of that pipette’s service and calibration status.

SmartStand works independently or integrates with EasyDirect™ Pipette Asset Management software to create a laboratory-wide pipette asset management and tracking system.

Video – SmartStand:


Rainin EasyDirect Software V2.0.

EasyDirect software simplifies lab asset management by enabling users to record pipette usage, flag pipettes for service, transfer data between other lab management systems (LIMS) and by recording unique data (such as owner, quick check methods and inventory number) onto each pipette’s RFID chip. The basic version of this software comes with the SmartStand for FREE. 

Please note that EasyDirect software can be used with Rainin and non-Rainin pipettes.  With non-Rainin pipettes there is a drop down menu to select the pipette model.  The serial number, volume, future calibration date etc  has to be entered manually for non-Rainin pipettes.  With Rainin pipettes, this information is transferred automatically by RFID (once placed on SmartStand), saving time and eliminating transcription errors.

EasyDirect software can be set up to send email reminders for calibrations.  It will flag upcoming calibrations and services, help locate pipettes, allow transfer/storage of calibration certificates, maintains service records plus more (please refer to brochure for further information).  It has user management capabilities.

Video's - EasyDirect Software (version 2.0)

VIDEO 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JC21mom_cg

VIDEO 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYsNNkHOM5I

Rainin XLS+™ SmartStand  Starter Kits (14 different kits in LTS or universal pipette tip format)

Starter kits are a cost-effective way to quickly equip your lab with premium Rainin XLS+ pipettes. We blend innovation with cutting-edge engineering and ergonomics to deliver highly reproducible results with exceptional comfort. Rainin has a starter kit to meet
your lab’s needs.

All Rainin XLS+ pipettes are equipped with RFID tags for enhanced security, state-of-the-art inventory control and calibration tracking. The Rainin SmartStand, which is included with all starter kits, uses the RFID chip to track and manage the calibration status and usage data for all of your XLS pipettes. SmartStand is also a charging base for electronic models.

Available SmartStand Kits

MT30386597 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ (2. 20. 200.1000)µL
MT30386598 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, SL-XLS+ (2. 20. 200.1000)µL
MT30386599 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ ( 20. 200.1000)µL
MT30386730 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, SL-XLS+ ( 20. 200.1000)µL
MT30386733 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ ( 20. 200. 1000. L8-200)µL
MT30386734 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ ( 20. 200.1000. L8-20)µL
MT30386735 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ ( 20. 200.1000. L12-200)µL
MT30386736 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ ( 20. 200.1000. L12-20)µL
MT30386737 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ (200.1000. 5000)µL
MT30386738 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ (2.10. 20. 200)µL
MT30386739 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ ( L8-20. L8-200)µL
MT30386740 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, L-XLS+ ( L12-20. L12-200)µL
MT30386731 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, E4 L-XLS+ ( 20. 200. 1000)µL
MT30386732 Rainin SmartStand Pipette Kit, SE4 XLS+ ( 20. 200. 1000)µL