Rainin-Aspirator QuckFlow 4L Capacity, Autoclavable Parts


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The New Rainin QuickFlow benchtop aspirator combines exceptional ergonomics with a broad range of features and conveniences – the ability to select continuous flow without maintaining pressure on the activator button, a liquid-level sensor to prevent overfilling and multiple adapters for most media types. Labs with central vacuum systems can purchase the handle and adapter kit separately.

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Key Features:

Continuous Flow: QuickFlow’s continuous mode isn’t just more efficient–it’s a hand saver. Repeatedly pressing the aspiration button creates undue strain that, over time, can contribute to repetitive strain injury. QuickFlow eliminates this problem by allowing users to select continuous flow and the amount of suction.

Liquid Level Sensor: The QuickFlow’s non-contact level sensor offers exceptional performance and reliability. Because the sensor never comes in contact with liquids, cleaning and cleanliness are never an issue. The sensor stops the vacuum when the bottle reaches capacity and is proven to provide a long service life.

Multiple Adapters: Whatever your application, QuickFlow has an adapter to meet your need. The single channel, multichannel and pipet adapters connect quickly, operate smoothly and are high-quality for durable, long lasting performance.

Easy Assembly: With self-sealing quick connectors, QuickFlow is designed for easy and intuitive disassembly and reassembly. All parts that come in contact with liquids, including the handle, tubing, adapters, cap and reservoir, are easy to clean and autoclavable.