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  • Specials for a Range of Laboratory Consumables & Equipment CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD SPECIALS Adelab's 2019 Store Stock Clearance Specials.pdf Adelab's 2019 Axygen-Corbett Clearance Specials.pdf Adelab's 2019 Grace Clearance Specials.pdf ADELAB's 2019 CHROMOPLAS Specials.pdf Adelab's Specials Handout.pdf ADELAB'S 2019 Stennick Specials.PDF

  • Axygen AXYPET single & multichannel pipettes (8-12-16 formats) combine the highest levels of accuracy and precision with design innovations intended to make the pipetting experience more comfortable over prolonged periods. 10 single channel models to choose from, covering volumes from 0.1μl to 10ml. (Autoclavable, Re-calibration tool included) (Note:...

  • This medical grade undercounter refrigerator optimised safe storage thanks to its double glazed glass panel that provides users full interior visibility. This Pharmacy Guild approved Medifridge allows for safe temperature control on all shelves for storage of vaccines, vitamins, and other sensitive products.

  • Several models are available (See below and brochure). Current Special! IEC2092-001-IEC Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer 18 x 20cm Aluminium Top Plate Thermostatic Control, 10L stirring Capacity. Special Price! $395.00 Ex-GST

  • IKA magnetic stirrers are the world's best-selling professional magnetic stirrers. There is a complete range of IKA magnetic stirrers to handle various quantities, either with or without heating capabilities. Used with open or closed vessels, IKA magnetic stirrers easily master even complex tasks.

  • Package Includes: IKA RW20 Overhead stirrer. R1342 propeller stirrer, 4 blade, 50mm diameter. Boss head. Heavy duty plate stand. Price Reduced! $1,370.00 Ex-GST

  • Package Includes; 3581200I - C-Mag HS7 3378000I - ETS-D 5 Electronic Thermometer 1545100I - H16V Support Rod 3547700I - H38 Holding Rod 2437700I - H44 Boss Head Clamp Price: $,1,140 Ex-GST

  • T25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX Homogeniser is a high performance dispersing instrument suitable for volumes from 1 - 2,000 mL (H2O) with digital speed display. It offers a wide speed range from 3,000 - 25,000 rpm. Package Includes; IKA3725000I - T25 IKA0593400I - S25N/18G Dispersion Tool IKA2657700I - R182 Bosshead IKA3160100I - R1826 Stand

  • Clerance Item: GTSQG-MINI80E: Kurabo QuickGene Mini -80 E Purification Manifold suitable for 8 samples per run Normally: $1,2500 Ex-GST Now:        : $700.00 Ex-GST, 1 left at this price!

  • The SuperCycler is a high performance block cycling system configured and optimised for Industry standard 200ul individual or strip tube (domed or flat-capped) or 96-well plates (low or high skirt) with strip caps or adhesive film seals. It incorporates state of the art electronics, precision quality peltier devices and a flexible user interface.

Showing 1 - 10 of 25 items