Metertech eXact Water Testing Meters

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The Metertech digital, portable, hand-held water quality analysers allows a wide range of parameters measuring including free and total chlorine, pH, bromine, total alkalinity, calcium as CaCO3, copper and transmission.

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 Convenient, fast, simple, all you have to do is to fill sample, dip strip and measure with the press of a button. There is no need to change sensors for different parameter measurement.

The new eXact iDip is the first product in the pool water testing market to provide complete wireless connectivity to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Smart devices. Test data is seamlessly transferred between the two devices in real time when paired using Bluetooth wireless technology and the application stores the test results and GPS location data of multiple water sources. The iDip & App combination is capable of running over 35 water quality tests and can then share via email.

Compatible devices:

The iDip is compatible with Bluetooth Smart devices. The app is only compatable with Bluetooth 4.0 devices (Running Android 4.3+ and Apple iOS 6.1+)