Bsan TS-100, Thermo–Shaker for Microtubes and PCR plates View larger

Biosan TS-100, Thermo–Shaker for Microtubes and PCR plates

New product

Thermo–Shaker TS-100 provides intensive mixing and temperature control of samples in microtest tubes or PCR plate. Functions of heating and mixing can be performed both simultaneously and independently, i.e. the unit implements three devices in one:

1. Shaker.
2. Dry–block Thermostat.
3. Thermo–Shaker.

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TS-100 is used for DNA analysis sample preparation, for extraction of proteins, polysaccharides, lipids and other cellular components. Heating source is a printed heating board (12 V). Mixing is provided by movement of orbital type.

The instrument is applicable in:
• DNA analysis — DNA extraction.
• Biochemical study of enzymatic reactions and processes.
• Extraction of metabolites from cellular material.