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  • The MPW 54-55-56 are compact laboratory centrifuge dedicated for general use. It find application in medical, biochemical, veterinary, industrial and other laboratories. The construction of the centrifuge is based on the broad experience of the MPW Med. instruments company and many years of cooperation with laboratories and medical institutions. See MPW...

  • Frontier™ 5706 is a small benchtop multi-function centrifuge ideal for a multitude of spin-down applications. Characterised by reliability, various safety features, the ability to accommodate test tubes of various sizes and intuitive operation, Frontier 5706 was built to meet the basic need for liquid separation in the life sciences.

  • Frontier 5000 Multi-Pro Centrifuges are designed for universal use in virtually every application in research, industrial & clinical laboratories. Combine with our range of rotors & accessories for customized use in specific applications. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when requesting a quote) CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LINK

  • NEW! Reliable and Compact Multi-Function Centrifuge For Standard Life Science Separation Applications. Suppled with a 8 × 15 mL angle rotor can process both round and conical bottom tubes, including common blood tubes. Can also be adapted for use with smaller tubes such as 7, 5 and 1.5/2 mL when used with accessories.

Showing 11 - 14 of 14 items