OHAUS Frontier 5000 Multi-Pro Centrifuges

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Frontier 5000 Multi-Pro Centrifuges are designed for universal use in virtually every application in research, industrial & clinical laboratories. Combine with our range of rotors & accessories for customized use in specific applications.

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Available in 5 models with capacities from low microliter to 6x250 ml - and featuring high speed performance at maximum volume, automatic rotor identification system and safety features, these multi-purpose centrifuges are a must for any lab.

Standard Features Include:
• Powerful Platform Offers Maximum Flexibility for a Range of Applications
Our multi-purpose centrifuges offer a high-speed centrifugation platform which can be customized to fit workflow needs using a wide variety of rotors and accessories.

• Intuitively Designed for User-Friendly Operation
The intuitive design of the centrifuges & accessories enable easy access to parameter settings, and quick rotation between applications. Features include automatic rotor recognition and backlit LCD.

• Solid Engineering Ensures Reliability and Durability
The performance of these centrifuges is propelled by German engineering, and highquality components for reliable use. Constructed of chemical-resistant stainless steel to ensure durability in lab use.

• Increased Safety With Built-in Protective Features
Frontier 5000 Series is equipped with protective features, including automatic over-speed protection, imbalance detection and self-diagnostic system to ensure reliable use and operator safety.