MPW 150R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

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The refrigerated centrifuge MPW-150R is a highly efficient, universal, tabletop device designed for laboratory applications. It is widely used in medical, scientific, industrial, biochemical, veterinary and other laboratories.

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The specific features of this centrifuge provide versatility, high parameters and precision of centrifugation as well as repeatability of processes. Additionally, it is accompanied by the wide selection of rotors and other accessories.

Rotor Selections

  • 12×1,5/2ml
  • 24×1,5/2ml
  • 4 x 8 x 0,2 mlPCR strip tubes
  • 24 x 2/1,5 ml filter tubes/spin columns
  • 6 x 15/10 ml Falcon®round bottom tubes
  • 20 x 1,8 /1,6 mlCRYO Sarstedt® tubes
  • 12x5ml Eppendorf® tubes
  • 24 x 75 capillaries


  • Max Speed: 15,000 rpm
  • Max RCF: 2,1382 x g
  • Dimentions: 283 x 299 x 595mm [HxWxD]
  • Temperature Range: -20C ÷ +40°C*
  • Weight: 31kg