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Mettler Toledo XPR Microbalances for your most precious samples

XPR microbalances deliver outstanding weighing performance. The GWP Approved quality assurance function actively monitors the balance to confirm it is safe to weigh: tests, adjustments, levelling and settings must all be in order. The green StatusLight™ indicates ‘go’ so you can be sure your results will be valid.

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Safe Operation-The new draft shield provides easy access to the weighing pan; all parts are easily removed for cleaning. Cross-contamination risk is reduced thanks to the SmartSens infrared sensors which enable you to operate the draft shield with the wave of a hand.

Efficient Processes-The capacitive touchscreen allows you to “swipe” through settings and methods. The method library saves time and provides higher process security. The built-in notepad automatically records all task parameters and results, eliminating manual transcription.

Space-saving Design-The XPR has the smallest footprint of any microbalance on the market and has the added convenience of being able to place the main terminal wherever it is most easily accessible – even outside your safety cabinet.

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