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Sartorius supplies a wide range of individual filter papers, microporous membranes, filtration devices, ultrafiltration devices and protein purification devices to suit a range of environmental, chemistry and bio scientific laboratory applications.

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Laboratory Filtration Products include - ULTRAFILTRATION - Protein concentration - Vivaspin, Vivaclear, Vivacell, Vivaflow and Vivapore DNA concentration - Vivacon centrifugal devices Protein purification - Vivapure Mini and Maxiprep purification kits Virus purification and concentration - Vivapure kits.

FILTRATION DEVICES - Minisart syringe filters Sartolab P20 and Sartolab P20 Plus sterile filtration units to 5 litres Sartolab 150v sterile filtration units up to 15 litres Sartolab RF disposable filters Sartolab BT disposable bottle top filters.

BASIC FILTRATION - Filter papers Glass & quartz microfibre filters Membrane filters Blotting membranes and chromatography papers Combisart filtration manifolds.