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The OptiOx™ optical measuring system for determining dissolved oxygen is based on the reliable RDO® technology. Thanks to RDO (Rugged Dissolved Oxygen), measuring dissolved oxygen is easier than ever before:

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  • Stable results and rapid response time – Optical oxygen measurement is superior to conventional technologies. OptiOx is fast, precise and produces highly reproducible results. Because of the optical measuring principle used, the oxygen is not chemically consumed during the measurement, which makes stirring the sample superfluous.
  • Immediately ready for use – The InLab® OptiOx requires no polarisation time, meaning you can start your measurement immediately. In addition the whole measuring system has a high level of stability making calibration rarely necessary.
  • Extremely easy handling, zero maintenance: save time! – The principle of optical measurement requires no membranes or electrolyte solutions. A used cap can be replaced by simply removing it and fitting a new one. A new cap lasts a whole year and the device informs you in good time when the next cap change is due.
  • Suitable for an immensely wide range of applications – Thanks to the robust design and the customized accessories, the InLab® OptiOx is a true allrounder. Thus, it's ideally equipped for use in the laboratory, e.g. in quality monitoring,
    or, when fitted with the OptiOx protective guard, in harsh environments.