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Glasschem Aspiration Sulphur Dioxide Stills

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GlassChem’s SO2 stills were designed to provide a sulfur analysis in wine and grape juices by the aspiration method. The design criteria was to follow the traditional Rankine method with an instrument that was user-friendly and eliminated the common errors found in conventional stills.

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 Instead of using positive pressure for the aspiration, a vacuum system is used. A constant flow rate of the air stream is maintained with the aid of a precision rotameter and a needle valve. If any leaks were to occur, no sulfur will be lost due to air being sucked into the system and no sulphur could be blown out.

GlassChem SO2 stills are offered various configerations such as 2-head (SO2-2), 4-head (SO2-4), 6-head (SO2-6) and 8-head (SO2-8) versions and also in combination with volatile acid heads and/or alcohol heads.