Biosan UV Cabinets for PCR

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Biosan UV–Cabinets for PCR operations  are designed for clean operations with DNA samples. They provide protection against contamination. All models are bench-top type, made of metal framework, glass (or plexiglas) walls and working surface painted with powder enamel or made of stainless steel.

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Advantages of Biosan UV–Cabinets:

  • Ozone free high density UV decontamination
  • Long living UV lamps (8,000 hours average)
  • Automatic switch off of UV-lamps when the protective screen is opened
  • Bactericidal flow-type recirculator providing permanent decontamination inside UV –cabinet during operation
  • Shockproof glass walls
  • Low noise, low energy consumption
  • Tables for installation of UV–Cabinets
  • UV–Cabinets with the bactericidal
  • UV cleaner–recirculator AR is the patented Biosan solution