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Miele Model PG8593 Laboratory Glassware Washer

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NEW PG8593 Compact Washer with Integrated Forced-Air Drying
Always an innovator in glassware reprocessing, Miele is the first manufacturer to develop a 24″ wide glassware washer that incorporates true HEPA-filtered forced-air drying.

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The new PG8593 allows labs to automatically wash and completely dry glassware right at the lab bench, while requiring minimal space.  This eliminates the need for a bench-top oven for drying, and means that your glassware can be washed and dried all within about an hour. The PG8593 is designed for laboratories where space is limited, yet complete, particulate-free drying of glassware and fast turnaround are required. No drying oven is needed, as the PG8593 contains a powerful integrated drying unit with a genuine HEPA filter that guarantees the purity of the air used.  For you this means less handling of glassware and less time waiting for your glassware to be available for use.