Miele Model PG8504 Laborory Glassware Washer View larger

Miele Model PG8504 Laborory Glassware Washer

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The new Miele model PG8504 has just been released into the Australian market to replace the most popular G7804 model. It can accommodate a variety of baskets and inserts specifically designed for laboratory glassware.

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Fitted with Mieles new hydraulic design, this unit offers greater internal capacity when used with the new range of mobile injectors. Features include: ?Automatic door locking ?Two levels with 2 spray arms (3rd spray arm in upper basket) ? Six fixed wash programs designed to handle a wide variety of cleaning challenges with temperatures up to 65?C. ?Supplied with a pressurising pump for a non-pressurised purified water supply for the final rinse. ?Touch controls ?Connection for external dosing dispensers ?Accepts a variety of interchangeable standard baskets and injection modules. for difficult to clean narrow necked items, specially designed pipette cleaning baskets, and standard baskets for wide-mouthed items.