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LABEC Shaking Water Bath

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(Ambient +5°C to 100°C)

LABEC Shaking Water Bath is ideal for shaking cultures and samples in a constant temperature water bath. Manufactured with high quality stainless steel interior and a powder coated steel finish for easy maintenance excellent durability.

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The baths are supplied with a shaking tray which can hold 100ml/250ml or 500ml flasks (250ml flask clips are supplied as standard). Universal springs racks for test tubes and slide racks for petrie dishes are also available.

Using an internal element and submerged RTD sensor connected to a digital temperature control the temperature can be controlled to 0.1°C. A digital PID temperature controller controls the temperature within the range ambient +5°C to 100°C. The shaking functionality is a reciprocating type with a speed range of 35-250 rpms with digital setting and display.

Standard features include:
• RCD/ ELB (earth leakage breaker).
• Pt 100 ohms sensor fully sheathed.
• Excellent temperature uniformity.
NOTE: Lid included