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  • Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Ideal for storage of 1 inch and 2 inch standard size cryogenic boxes. Formats Sliding Drawer Side Access Drawer Frame Type Vertical Type

  • Bromic’s Bar Chillers & Freezers have been designed specifically for installation under an industry-standard bench and are available in one to four door configurations. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when requesting a quote)

  • Bromic’s European-built Chest Freezers offer reliable and efficient refrigeration, available with a number of lids to suit specific applications, such as display, storage or as an additional standalone work space. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when requesting a quote)

  • Bromic’s Commercial Vertical Display & Storage range offers complete versatility, available in one, two and three-door configurations across a wide range of temperatures and styles. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when requesting a quote)

  • The HP Touchscreen Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers  are designed for laboratory use offering superior product protection with long term reliability and exceptional product quality. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when requesting a quote)

  • Two Racks to choose from. ESCO-5D rack: 4 x 4 configuration (140 x 555 x 245 mm) ESCO-3D rack: 7 x 4 configuration (140 x 570 x 410 mm)

  • Capacity 800 (400 + 400) Litres This unit boasts two independent, self contained refrigeration systems side by side and provides both refrigerated and frozen storage in a compact footprint. Each section is independently temperature controlled via its exterior temperature displays.

  • LABEC stocks 3 models of smaller Economy Laboratory Freezers ranging from 90 litres to fit under the bench up to 300 litres. Labec laboratory freezers are designed for general purpose storage of non-critical products where alarms and monitoring are not generally required. These units are set up as manual defrost. (Note: Please indicate Model# when...

  • Labec supplies 7 models in the Performer Range of Laboratory Freezers ranging from 300 litres to 1400 litres in one, two and three door configurations. The glass door models are fitted with tempered thermo double glazed glass doors for easy visibility and convenience and the 300, 400 and 900 and 1400 litre models are available in either glass or solid door. 

  • The quality, design and innovation of the superior performance refrigerators and freezers guarantees the safe and effective storage of valuable samples and reagents. Warranty, 5 years parts & labour!

Showing 1 - 10 of 17 items