Horiba LAQUA WQ-300 Series Smart Handheld Meters -New Product! View larger

Horiba LAQUA WQ-300 Series Smart Handheld Meters -New Product!

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Powerful meter design with IP67 rating and shock & scratch-resistant housing in combination with digital sensors brings flexibility and dynamic measurement experience.


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November 26, 2019

HORIBA Instruments is excited to announce the launch of the much anticipated LAQUA WQ-300 Series Smart Handheld Meters.

Smart Meters

Three variants of handheld meters are available, ranging from single channel to triple channel:

  • WQ-310 single channel
  • WQ-320 dual channel
  • WQ-330 triple channel

Customers may attach any of the respective sensors to any meter connectors, swap for a different sensor, and even connect existing electrodes using a special sensor head adapter. Thus, the WQ-330 triple channel model offers up to 35 meter-sensor combinations!

The LAQUA WQ-300 series smart handheld meters adopt the parameter of the sensor connected and auto-recognize the sensor information, calibration data, and measurement set-up. The key to this feature is the sensor head (available with 2m and 5m cables) to which the sensor cartridge is attached.

Digital Sensors

For pH and conductivity sensor heads, the sensors are available as a replaceable cartridge, whereas the DO sensor head is integrated with a replaceable cap.
New to the line-up are the 4-cell Conductivity probe and Optical Dissolved Oxygen probe, which are both integrated with temperature sensors.


Keeping to the versatility and flexibility of the LAQUA WQ-300 series smart handheld meters, we will offer the packaging as follows:

a) Meters are packed in a carry case – inclusive of batteries, operating manual, and respective quick guide(s)

b) Sensor kits are available separately – inclusive of sensor head, cartridge, and respective solutions or sensor head adapter:

    • Only the pH and EC sensor kits have a cartridge that is detachable and replaceable from the sensor head
    • Only the pH and EC sensor kits will include 60-ml standard solutions
    • For the Optical DO probe, the sensor head is integrated with the main body of the electrode and the DO cap is replaceable
    • For the Ion Sensor kit, sensor head adapter is included but the ion selective electrodes are to be purchased separately

c) The meter in carry case and the sensor kit(s) are shipped separately. Thus, you now also have the flexibility to configure a meter kit according to your customers’ requirements and not be restricted by a pre-packed configuration.

d) Replacement sensor cartridges, sensor caps, sensors and solutions are also available. Please refer to the price list.

Ordering Guide

The ordering process for the LAQUA WQ-300 series is basically two-fold as follows:

  1. Select the LAQUA WQ-300 meter – single, dual or triple channel; and
  2. Select the Sensor kit(s)

Please refer to page 9 in the brochure.

The LAQUA WQ-300 series smart handheld meters are able to store up to 10,000 data sets with date/time stamping. The data in the memory can be transferred to your computer wirelessly with the Flash Air card equipped with every LAQUA WQ-300 meter. Alternatively, the meter can be connected via a standard micro-USB cable and the computer recognizes the meter as an external storage device.

The Flash Air wireless card and the micro-USB cable are standard accessories widely available from IT vendors or retailers, hence these will not be offered from HORIBA.