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Environmental Express HotBlockTM Digestion Systems

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Simplify and improve Metals Prep in your lab with HotBlock Digestion Systems.

HotBlock Systems provide faster, cleaner, more cost-effective metals digestions. Proven chemistry and superior technology produce consistent, reliable results.

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  • HotBlocks are made from PTFE-coated graphite in a Kydex® housing and other non-metallic materials eliminating corrosion and sample contamination.
  • All electronics are isolated in a separate compartment below the block with no need for a separate controller and cables.
  • Heating mats provide uniform heat distribution to all samples up to 150°C.
  • HotBlocks maintain a setpoint of ±0.1°C and provide sample consistency of ±1.5°C.
  • The SafeSamplealarm feature alerts you of any runaway temperatures.
  • HotBlocks come with polycarbonate racks to transport samples.
  • HotBlocks are available in 120V or 240V.