Dino-Lite AM413ZT and AM423ZTL Pro Polarizer Microscope View larger

Dino-Lite AM413ZT and AM423ZTL Pro Polarizer Microscope

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The Dino-Lite AM413ZT handheld digital microscope features a unique adjustable polarization filter built right into the Dino-Lite. Simply by rotating the polarization filter, the AM413ZT handheld digital microscope can amazingly decrease glare to almost any extent. The polarizing ability can thus help its users to view highly reflective surfaces with reduced glare. A good example is using the polarization filter for soldering inspections. You can also use the handheld digital microscope to see through some semi-transparent surfaces; such as seeing inclusions in a diamond or gem, opaque plastics that maybe too reflective to see defects, or sub dermal inspections such as for dermatology and cuticle inspections. The Dino-Lite AM413ZT handheld digital microscope is also featured with the unique MicroTouch snapshot feature. The MicroTouch (touch sensitive static sensor) feature on the handheld digital microscope gives users the option of taking a picture right from the scope itself. The MicroTouch was designed to minimize image blur while taking a picture with the microscope. Great for those moments when you need to take a picture, but having a hard time reaching the computer. Included with the Dino-Lite handheld digital microscope is a copy of the DinoCapture software, enabling you to capture either a photograph, video, or time-lapsed video within a few simple clicks. This model comes with the full version of DinoCapture software which includes measurement and measurement calibration for greater precision work. As for all DinoCapture software though, updates with improvements to the software is always free. ? Handheld Digital Microscope(USB) ? 10x~50x, 200x ? Adjustable polarization ? MicroTouch ? 1.3M pixels. (SXGA) ? Built-in 8 white LEDs The model AM413ZTL offers a long working distance