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  • The Luxeo 6Z is the first in a new series of stereo microscopes from Labomed™ designed to bring greater flexibility and performance to work stations. With total integration of gooseneck and axial illumination, versatility in transmitted illumination features, and highly ergonomic stand options to choose from, the Luxeo 6Z will delight in every environment.

  • Stereo microscope from Motic enables you to dissect or view your specimens in three dimensions with precise optical alignment that assures a three-dimensional and upright image that will enhance the clarity and quality of your overall experience. 

  • Using a microscope for a long period of time can cause eyes to become fatigued. Olympus redesigned the SZ series of stereo zoom microscopes to reduce eyestrain and maximize user comfort. Less fatigue and eyestrain leads to more precise and consistent results in an operator's daily work.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items