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  • Bromic’s Bar Chillers & Freezers have been designed specifically for installation under an industry-standard bench and are available in one to four door configurations.

  • Bromic’s Commercial Vertical Display & Storage range offers complete versatility, available in one, two and three-door configurations across a wide range of temperatures and styles.

  • The HP Touchscreen Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers  are designed for laboratory use offering superior product protection with long term reliability and exceptional product quality.

  •  (+2°C to +8°C) LABEC stocks 4 models of Economy Laboratory Refrigerators ranging from 70 litres to fit under the bench up to 370 litres. Labec laboratory refrigerators are designed for general purpose storage of non-critical products where alarms and monitoring are not generally required. These units are set up as manual defrost.

  • LABEC offers a range of glass door and solid door Vaccine/Pharmacy refrigerators which are available in smaller under bench models to larger units up to 440 litres capacity. The Labec Pharmacy Vaccine refrigerators are used for the purpose of storing vaccine products safely.

  • LABEC manufactures a Spark Proof Refrigerator which provides a chamber for safe storage of volatile material. The interior of the chambers are spark free and can be controlled within the temperature range of +2°C to +10°C.

  • Thermoline has specially developed pharmacy and vaccine refrigerators, suitable for retail pharmacies, medical centres, universities and veterinary hospitals where pharmacy and/or vaccine products are required to be stored safely. Four larger premium models are also available up to 1150 litres in capacity for increased storage requirements.

  • These refrigerator models are completely spark free on the inside (all internal electrical components have been removed) and have been specifically designed to allow for the safe storage of volatile samples. Volatile samples are considered unsafe for storage in standard refrigerators as any spark formed by components within the freezer can ignite fumes or...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items