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Select Bio Products offers laboratory instruments which include gel electrophoresis tanks and power supplies, centrifuges and mixing equipment.

Select BioProducts offer a concise collection of Laboratory Instruments, Equipment and Plastics for the research laboratory. Their line consists of some of the essential products that researchers and technicians rely upon every day to carry out laboratory procedures. Because these products are used constantly, quality and long term reliability are paramount. Only the best materials and components are used in the manufacture of their equipment. Before their products reach your hands, they are thoroughly tested to ensure their quality and adherence to published specifications.

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  • The Select Bioproducts Mini Incubator, 9.2 L, is a small unit designed for personal use, small laboratories and classrooms. Specifications: Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 28.5 x 28 x 33.5 cm Temp range: Ambient +5º to 60ºC. Contols: Analog Weight: 8.3kg

  • The Select bioProducts  Mini Water Bath is a  small unit designed for personal use, small laboratories and classrooms. Specifications: Capacity: 6 Litres. Temperature Range: Ambient +5º to 100ºC. Controls: Analog. Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 36 x 28 x 32 cm. Weight: 7.7kg.

  • These high performance microliter centrifuges are perfect for applications requiring higher g-forces, such as pelleting DNA. Technological advances, including smaller motors, compact microprocessors and lightweight construction materials, have contributed to the design of the powerful Force 1618 and 1624 microliter centrifuges. Small in size, they have...

  • The Force 512, 712 and 1418 are digital microliter centrifuges designed for low to medium speed applications.

  • The Select BioProducts Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems are designed for ease of use and durability. With an extensive off ering of combs and accessories these horizontal systems are ideal for most DNA electrophoretic applications. The gel trays are UV transparent for easy visualization of samples.

  • he IncuMix™ Incubator Shaker simultaneously heats and mixes small samples The IncuMix™ Incubator Shaker has interchangeable platforms for both microtubes and microplates. Both temperature and shaking speed are adjustable over a broad range. For static incubations, the shaker may be turned off.

  • Th e MiniGel II Electrophoresis System is supplied complete with all components needed for casting and running agarose gels: two gel casting sets, gel tank and attached power supply.

  • ✰ PAGE, Electroblotting and 2D Electrophoresis Modules✰ Exceptionally easy gel casting✰ Customizable accessories

  • The Rock-it Platform Rocker features variable speed and an adjustable tilt angle. For staining fragile gels, a gentle wave motion can be chosen. More vigorous conditions can be set for washing sturdier membranes. Tilt angle and speed are changed simply by turning the associated knobs.

  • Th e SelectSpin 17R is a refrigerated microcentrifuge thatcombines a powerful motor drive system with effi cient cooling to provide the fl exibility and high performance needed in the lab. • Rapid cooling reaches 4ºC from room temp in less than 8 min• Quickly process samples at speeds up to 17,200 x g• 24 place solid aluminum rotor included• Single...

Showing 1 - 10 of 12 items