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Ratek Instruments has grown to become a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment for use in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical Research fields. They specialise in Dry block Heaters, Hybridisation Ovens, Mixers & Shakers, Shaking Incubators, Refrigeration Units, Immersion Heater Circulators, Waterbaths and Warming Trays.          

Since 1979, RATEK INSTRUMENTS has grown to become one of Australias leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment for use in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical Research fields. Operating from a modern self contained factory in Boronia, one of Melbournes outer Eastern Suburbs, all equipment is designed and produced in house. Components and materials used are almost entirely from local suppliers. An extensive range of high quality equipment is now offered, backed by a commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The continuing research and development effort has ensured that the current range of products offered, is comparable in quality to that available from anywhere in the world. All RATEK products now carry a 3 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. Adelab Scientific is proud to have represented Ratek in SA for well over 25 years.

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  • IT700/1100/2400 Insulated Water Baths for TH Range

  • Ratek's MS magnetic stirrers features a stainless steel case which is powder-coated, a non-slip mat to ensure flasks are held in place securely whilst mixing. Applications include dissolving solids in liquids, stirring of volatile solutions, as well as other general Microbiology and Biochemistry applications that require light agitation or vigorous churning.

  • The MPS1 is a compact personal plate shaker that will hold up to 4 x 96 well plates whilst delivering a smooth repeatable speed control.Loading of plates is as simple as dropping them on the non-slip mat under the retaining spring, and you’re ready to shake.

  • The MTV1 features a unique clamping system which secures virtually any container from both top and bottom. Designed to accommodate large bottles, sealed containers or entire tube racks filled with tubes, it makes loading and unloading a breeze without the need for individual clamps or fixing bars.

  • EVAPORATION Sample Concentration/Nitrogen Blow-Down Systems Available To Suit Every Block Size

  • Ratek offers a range of orbital shakers.  Thier applications include general mixing, cell culturing, solubility studies, diagnostic testing, bacterial suspensions, extraction procedures, staining/destaining, washing procedures as well as many other biological and chemical tasks. 

  • Ratek's heavy duty orbital shakers are within a temperature controlled cabinet designed to run for extended periods. An adjustable counter-weight system gives stable mixing with even the heaviest loads whilst the door features a large viewing panel for full visibility of the shaking platform and containers at all times.

  • The RM2 couples a reciprocating (also known as linear or side to side) action with precision speed control and digital tachometer. It is ideal for creating a gentle washing action in plates, bags and flat-bottomed sample containers, but is equally suited to vigorous end to end shaking at higher speeds.

  • Circulate ExternallyFor applications requiring external re-circulation of cold water, the RC4 delivers a pressurised refrigerated water supply through either an open or closed loop system. The RC4 is ideal for cooling condenser systems, water jacketed devices, electrophoresis baths and heat exchangers, including those found in Ratek OM15C and OM25...

  • Ratek's rocking platform mixers are  the perfect everyday rocking platform for a wide range of mixing applications.

Showing 11 - 20 of 29 items