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Ohaus manufacture Analytical, Precision and Portable balances as well as moisture analyzers, centrifuges and electrochemistry meters including pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

With over 100 years of experience in the design, development and marketing of laboratory balances, OHAUS Corporation has earned its reputation as a trusted supplier of precise, reliable and affordable products. With a full range of Analytical, Precision and Portable balances as well as moisture analyzers, OHAUS meets virtually any laboratory weighing need. We remain firmly focused on continuing the long-standing record of success by always providing you with more reliable, innovative and easy-to-use laboratory balances. OHAUS have recently released a range of centrifuges under the range name of FRONTIER. There are three versions in the range, a general purpose bench model, a high speed microlitre bench model, with or without refrigeration and a mini model. Morerecently OHAUS have released a range of electrochemistry meters including pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen models under the range name of STARTER. For information on specific ranges of products click on the name OHAUS above.

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  • OHAUS have released a range of bench centrifuges to suit routine applications in most laboratories.  There are three types of centrifuges in this range. Model 5706 Multi-purpose centrifuge Model 5515 & 5515R High speed microliter centrifuges Model 5306 Mini centrifuge

  • OHAUS Analytical Balances fall into three distinct ranges with features to suit different markets. The EXPLORER range is Intelligent, Intuitive and Ingeniously practical. The ADVENTURER range is the MOST Complete Balance in its Class. The PIONEER range is the Best Balance for Basic Weighing.

  • OHAUS now offers bench and portable conductivity, salinity, Dissolved Oxygen and TDS meters for standard laboratory applications !

  • Catapult 5000 Shipping Scales CKW Checkweighing Scale Defender 2000 Bench Sclaes Defender 3000 Bench Scales Defender 3000 Xtreme Bench Scales Washdown Bench Scales Defender 5000 Bench Scales

  • OHAUS now offers our expertise in measurement in a line of electrochemistry products. The Starter Series includes pH, reference, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) electrodes, as well as conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature probes that can be used in conjunction with our bench and portable meters.

  • When laboratory work and research requires accuracy to the hundred-thousandth, there is simply no room for error. The Explorer series of semi-micro balances has been designed with the technology to ensure that your very specific weighing results are accurate. 

  • The OHAUS VE Series of floor platforms and scales are the value solution to your daily weighing needs in industrial and commercial applications. Their high-quality material and construction is designed to minimize distortions under heavy loads, and ensures years of performance you can count on.

  • Powerful and Versatile Universal Centrifuges for Virtually Every Lab Application Frontier 5000 Multi-Pro Centrifuges are designed for universal use in virtually every application in research, industrial & clinical laboratories. Combine with our range of rotors & accessories for customized use in specific applications.

  • The OHAUS Frontier 5306 is a powerful mini centrifuge for simple and rapid liquid separation. The Frontier 5306 includes an 8-position 1.5/2 mL tube rotor as well as a 4-position 8-strip PCR tube rotor that can accommodate 32 individual PCR tubes or 0.2mL strip tubes.

  • • LED displays for temperature, speed and time• Timer with audible alarm• Available with opaque lid for light sensitive samples The OHAUS Incubating Microplate Shakers are optimized for shaking microplates, deep-well plates, or micro-tubes.

Showing 1 - 10 of 16 items