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The New Era Pump Systems, Inc. programmable pumps provide an affordable solution to your sophisticated dispensing and flow control applications. Our pumps offer the best value on the market by delivering high end features at affordable pricing. Features include infusion and withdrawal, computer interface and advanced programming options.

New Era Pump Systems Inc. was founded to fill the market niche of affordable laboratory equipment. Rather than to adopt the industry standard practice of continuing price increases, they are continually looking for ways to bring more value to their customers. Price increases are not inevitable.
Originally founded in 1996 by Barry Cowen, with experts from the syringe pump industry, their flagship product, the NE-1000, has lived up to the ideal of giving the best value to the customer. Their customers often ask why their products are such a better value than their competitors. In which they can only respond with amazement that their competitors can charge so much.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 16 items