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Autoclaves, freezers, fridges, furnaces, incubators and ovens.

Laboratory Equipment is a leading Australian manufacturer of Scientific, Medical and Research equipment, located in Marrickville, just outside the Sydney CBD. The well know brand name ‘Labec’ has been part of the Australian market place now since 1945. Over this time, Labec have developed a range of products to suit applications where temperature and atmosphere control are paramount. Our products range from autoclaves, freezers, fridges, furnaces, incubators and ovens to customised purpose built equipment.

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  • Labec Ceramic Laboratory Crucibles are high purity, long lasting and excellent for ashing or melting samples. Easily removable with furnace tongs. There is a large range of shapes and sizes for temperatures up to 1700ºC. Please download  brochur for sizes. (Note: Please provide part# and quantity when requesting a quote)

  • Labec Performer Series Incubators are suitable for applications such as micriobiolgical incubating which require precise temperature control. The tri-wall construction provides similar heating to a water jacket system together with an internal glass door provides excellent temperature uniformity, the spatial variation at 37°C is ± 0.5 °C. (Note: Please...

  • LABEC offer a range of A, N and S Class Benchtop Autoclaves for the sterilisation of medical and laboratory instruments, non-wrapped, solid items, flasks, waste and liquids as welll as other general sterilising. (Note: Please indicate Model# when requesting a quote)

  • LABEC Boiling Water Bath are manufactured in Australia with high quality 304 grade stainless steel for easy maintenanceand excellent durability. (Note: Please indicate Model# when requesting a quote)

  • Dehydrating Ovens (up to +200ºC). (Note: Please indicate Model# when requesting a quote)

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner • Autoclave • Water Distiller Labec Dental Suite provides your practice with a complete solution and answer to your sanitation and sterilisation requirements. Our three key products for this package are: Labec USC-5L Ultrasonic Cleaner, Labec AA-17BS Bench Top Autoclave and the Labec WS1.0 Junior Water Distiller. (Note: Please indicate...

  • LABEC dessicator cabinets are constructed from stainless steel. All joints are sealed and the door has an adjustable latch to ensure airtight closing on a silicon rubber seal. (Note: Please indicate Model# when requesting a quote)

  • Labec Dry cabinets with thermoelectric dehumidifying systems are used to store materials and objects that require low humidity. Used in the electric and semiconductor industries to store IC wafers and electronic components. They are also used in pharmaceutical laboratories to store reagents, specimens, chemicals standards and medicines. (Note: Please...

  • Labec Heat Only Incubator is manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability. Suitable for applications where general incubation or warming is required. Using a jacket type heating system with elements bonded to the wallsprovides excellent temperature uniformity. (Note: Please indicate Model# when...

  • LABEC stocks 3 models of smaller Economy Laboratory Freezers ranging from 90 litres to fit under the bench up to 300 litres. Labec laboratory freezers are designed for general purpose storage of non-critical products where alarms and monitoring are not generally required. These units are set up as manual defrost. (Note: Please indicate Model# when...

Showing 1 - 10 of 46 items