Ratek Immersion Coolers - RC1

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Add Cooling to Any Bath
It makes sense to utilise equipment for more than one job where possible, which is why the RC1 dip-coil cooler can be moved from bath to bath as required to deliver on-demand cooling.

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The dipcoil can be dropped in and secured to any waterbath or container to provide a cooling load that can work in conjunction with a temperature controlled bath or thermoregulator for precise water temperatures below ambient. With 580 Watts of cooling power the RC1 can be used in both large and small tanks, and can cool 8 litres of water at up to approximately 1°C per minute. When used with an insulated tank, the RC1 makes an ideal replacement for ice

All Ratek heated waterbaths, custom tanks and IT2400 insulated tanks can be made to size to neatly accommodate the dip-coil without losing usable working area in the bath. This makes the RC1 ideal for applications such as cold stability testing where it is important to maximise the number of containers that can beprocessed at one time. By combining the RC1 with an immersion circulator and re-circulation tank, it is possible to achieve precise temperature controlled water re-circulation, ideal for cooling condensers, heating mantles and other water jacketed devices. The same system can then be used for other heating and cooling applications without the need for additional equipment, making it a versatile setup for every lab. The TH8000 immersion circulator and IT2400 bath with IT2400BP externally ported bridge is ideal for this application.