Ratek Hybridisation/Mixing Incubator

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Four Machines in One
The HO35 is an extremely versatile compact incubator/oven that can be transformed from a hybridisation oven, to rocking incubator, to shaking incubator, to static incubator in a matter of seconds.

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The heated cabinet features base mounted drive rollers that accommodate a range of drop-in accessories, making it an extremely cost-effective machine to have in the lab. When required, the HO35 can be put to work performing multiple tasks using different accessories.

When used with the HO35C50 carousel the oven will hold up to 18 hybridisation bottles or 40 x 15mL tubes and delivers precision speed controlled rolling up to 20 RPM, which is ideal for northern and southern blot hybridisations. The drop-in mixing platforms allow shaking or rocking up to 100 RPM and can be interchanged without tools of any sort to transform the unit into a traditional shaking incubator ideal for life-science work. Shelves are also available which allow the HO35 to operate as a static incubator. The sealed cabinet and double-lined window gives excellent spacial temperature uniformity. Temperature is controlled by Ratek’s precision digital PID system with highly visible large red LED displays making it easily monitored from across the lab.