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  • LABEC Speciality Hot Plates
  • Labec Hot Plates - Large (up to +370ºC)
  • Hot Plates - Large CERAN® (up to +500ºC)
  • Heavy Acid Range Hot Plates for extremely corrosive environments
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LABEC Speciality Hot Plates

LABEC Speciality Hot Plates are suitable for all routine laboratory applications. They are rugged and durable and are available in a range of sizes designed for temperature uniformity over the whole top surface. The bodies are of painted mild steel or optional stainless steel on the Heavy Acid model supported with rubber feet. Aluminium top units are controlled with energy regulators, maximum 350°C. Solid state instruments can be fitted for finer temperature control. Stainless steel surrounds can be supplied for sand bath heating. For any other model when used in extremely corrosive environments. Special acid resistant element leads and 316 stainless steel is used on the heavy acid range of hotplates. Heat controller can be used on any heating apparatus.

LA-HC1 to 10 amps at 240V.
LA-HC15 to 15 amps at 240V.

LABEC Hot Plates - Large (up to +370ºC)

Hot Plate with wattage Power Control or Digital PID Controller Electrical hot plates with variable wattage control. Robust construction for continuous performance. Aluminium alloy hotplate. Because of the asymmetrical, longterm heating system (hotplate corners and edges are subjected to more heat) an even temperature is guaranteed over the entire heating surface. The housing is constructed from high-grade, stainless steel, whereby the body is painted enamel. Four adjustable feet ensure extra stability.

Code: M-HOP-3030 to M-HOP-6116-3

LABEC Hot Plates - Large CERAN® (up to +500ºC)

Labec CERAN® Hot Plate With Thermostatic Temp. Control 50-500°C. CERAN® is a glass ceramic material which is highly resistant to breakage and temperature changes and free from distortion, permeable to ultra-violet light and highly acidresistant. The low mass of CERAN® plate is electrically heated over its full surface and is bedded into a stainless steel frame which is mounted on an internally insulated stainless steel housing. The temperature control system consists of an electronic regulator, activated by a NiCr-Ni temperature sensor (adjustable 50 ... 500°C) installed in a aluminium pressurecast housing.

Code: M-CERA-4314 to M-CERA-5843

LABEC Heavy Acid Range Hot Plates for extremely corrosive environments.

Our range of aluminium hot plates are available in 5 standard sizes. The hot plate bodies are constructed entirely from heavy gauge 316 stainless steel and element connections are fully sealed. Single phase hot plates are supplied with a 10 amp or 15 amp heat control box of stainless steel construction. This can be free standing on rubber supports or fixed to a wall via mounting lugs. Three phase hot plates are supplied with a robust switching unit housed in a stainless steel box and a single phase cord to power the energy regulator and three pole relay. Digital PID control with removable temperature probe is an option on any hotplate.