Ratek Dry Block Heaters - Digital

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Ratek digital block heaters offer excellent temperature stability combined with a large active LED display for easy visibility from across the lab. Four models are available: DBH10D will accommodate 1 standard blocks, DBH20D will accommodate 2 standard blocks, DBH30D will accommodate 3 standard blocks, DBH40D will accommodate 4 standard blocks.

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The DBH series will accommodate any standard block from Ratek's extensive range, including popular 20 x 1.5mL and 12 x 15mL centrifuge tube blocks.
Custom blocks in either 50mm, 80mm and 100mm depths as well as double-sided blocks are also available to cater for virtually any vessel.

Features: Microprocessor controlled Large LED display Soft-touch keys covered by splash-proof panel Temperature control ranges - DBHD models ambient + 5 to 150C 1oC - DBHDP models ambient + 5 to 99.9C 0.1?C Warranty period 3 years This heater can accommodate one standard Ratek test tube block. The large LED display can show set temperature, actual temperature, plus over temperature alarm value. User interface is via front panel mounted key switches.