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Mettler Toledo Density Meter - Portable

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A portable density meter has many advantages: you save time, you can make adjustments right away, and you don’t have to worry about transporting samples to the lab. Our portable density meters measure density and specific gravity (SG), as well as alcohol, BRIX, API, Baumé, Plato, sulphuric acid (w/w%) or user defined units.

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Our portable density meters provide temperature compensated results. You are also able to adjust the sampling speed for the task at hand – such as adjusting to a slow speed for viscous samples to avoid the formation of air bubbles.

Temperature compensation
In order to perform accurate density measurements, the result must be corrected for sample temperature. Densito not only measures the sample temperature very accurately, it also lets you choose a temperature correction coefficient before each measurement. This makes it easy to quickly measure many different types of samples.

Clearly visible measurement cell
The most common reasons for bad results are air bubbles or impurities in the measurement cell. Densito’s cell is clearly visible at all times. Potential problems are apparent at once.

Controlled sampling
With Densito, the sampling speed can be adjusted to the task at hand: Slow for viscous samples to avoid the formation of air bubbles or very fast for efficient rinsing of the cell.

External sampling
Sampling can be difficult with samples of very high viscosity or samples that degas easily. In cases like this, Densito lets you connect an external syringe.

Transfer results onto your PC LabX® direct density and refractometry transfers results and calibration data fully automatically to Microsoft® Excel® or any other Windows®-based application on your PC.