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  • The BR 2000 Series is a set of cryobiological containers conceived for storage of biological samples specifically in racks. Cryotubes, cryovials and straws can be stored in liquid or vapour phase. (Note: Please indicate CAT# when requesting a quote)

  • Safe transportation of specimens & samples at cryogenic temperatures without any risk of liquid nitrogen spill. Applications: livestock breeding, research and medical fields. Allows shipping of samples, straws or cryovials for transport in dry and safe conditions. Internal absorbing filter ensures safe transportation of biological samples.

  • Cryo Express (CX) “dry shippers” are designed to safely transport a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. The unique absorbent material prevents a liquid spill if the unit is tipped over. Storage temperature inside the shipping cavity remains at approximately -190°C until the liquid nitrogen evaporates from the absorbent material.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items