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  • Aspirator with trap flask FTA-1 is designed for aspiration (removal) of alcohol and buffer remaining quantities from microtest tube walls during DNA/RNA purification and other macromolecule reprecipitation techniques.

  • JAVACs latest compact and easy-to-use full vacuum systems save much needed benchtop space and with many useful features including an integrated dry vacuum pump, autoclavability and a patented spin lock design will provide a ready made solution to vacuum filtration in your laboratory.

  • Australia’s Only Manufacturer of Lab Vacuum Pumps. Product Range: Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. Oil Free Rotary Vane & Piston Pumps. Oil Free Diaphragm Pumps. Liquid & Dosing Pumps. Vacuum Systems. Benchtop Vacuum Stations. Freeze Dryers.

  • Liquid trap to avoid ingestion of fluids into the pump. Vacuum regulator adjusts and monitors vacuum level. Dial vacuum gauge for continuous vacuum level monitoring. Vacuum to 27.2” Hg (model 2515) and 21.3” Hg (model 2511.) Automatic flow shut down when full. Bleach resistant construction extends service life (model 2515).

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items